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Kindred - Senior Film

A short film about a little girl wanting to be more like her dad. This short was storyboarded in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and animated in Toon Boom Harmony. In addition to directing, I am responsible for the story, character designs, initial layouts, a large portion of the animation, and compositing.

Kalriel - 2D Production Film

A short film inspired by the tale of Little Miss Muffet, about a girl being attacked by a large monster. This short was animated in Toon Boom Harmony and composited in Adobe After Effects. I was responsible for the story, character designs, layouts, animation, and compositing. Caty Carlson composed the music.

The Doctor

Rough Animation of the Tenth Doctor from BBC's Doctor Who speaking a line by actor David Tennant from Pirates! Band of Misfits. Animated in Toon Boom Harmony.

Zombie Attack

Animation character test done for Rot 'N' Roll of a character racing towards the camera in forced perspective against a moving background using Toon Boom Harmony.

Marvin the Martian

Animation Test study of lip-syncing using the body for the main acting, not the mouth using Toon Boom Harmony.

Rachel Kaiser

2D Character Animator • Illustrator

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